The Johnson County Carrefour jeunesse-emploi (CJECJ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the socio-economic integration of young adults. Its mandate is to initiate and develop innovative intervention projects that meet the needs of young people and contribute to the socio-economic development of their communities.

The CJECJ offers its services free of charge to all youth aged 16 to 35 who come on a voluntary basis. They have access to different resources (human and material) in order to be informed, oriented, advised and encouraged in their efforts.


Writing/updating a resumé and cover letter

A resumé is an absolute must in your job search. Did you know that a potential employer spends an average of 30 seconds scanning your resumé? Having a high-impact resumé will contribute to your success.

Resources and support

Our phone, computer, internet and fax machine are available for you to discover and apply for positions in the open market. And do you know how to access the hidden market? 55 to 65% of jobs in the market are considered part of the “hidden market”, and as the name suggests, they are not posted!


Please note that for the following services, you need to understand at least basic conversational (verbal) French in order to interact with the counselors and staff who would assist you. 


Interview preparation

If you’ve been offered an interview, we’ll prepare you for it.

For example, who are you as an employee? Why you over someone else? Do you have the best answers these questions? Contact us, we’ll discuss it.



Educational and professional guidance

Confused about your choices for the future? Don’t know what to do?

Going back to school or looking for a job? Cégep or DEP? Customer service or machine operator?

Through an orientation process, you will reflect on your interests, strengths, and in order to find an answer.

Educational and professional information

Our consultants can provide you with information on all academic and vocational training programs, as well as on any trades and professions you might be interested in.

Financial assistance to pursue your education

We can help with the search for financial aid and your application for loans and bursaries

Enrolling in an educational program

We offer advice and assistance in applying for a program of study.